Potato pancakes - Try the recipe, like from grandma

Potato pancakes surrounded by the ingredients from which they were created.

When you think of visits to your grandmother's house, what dish comes to mind? Yes, it would be the delicious potato soup with its rich and delicious taste. If you want to reminisce about your youth and would like to enjoy this soup again, prepare it. We bring you a delicious and simple recipe with all the trimmings.

What do you need for a potato pancake?

In order to make a tasty potato soup, you need to prepare everything you need. Ingredients that are the basis of this good dish. A detailed list of them, including the exact quantities, is given in the table below.

Raw materialQuantity
Oil2 tablespoons
Garlic2 cloves
Smooth flour2 tablespoons
Marjoram2 teaspoons
Small onion1 piece
Bigger potatoes4 pcs
Carrots2 pcs
Dried mushrooms2 tablespoons
Celery1 piece
Ingredients needed to prepare potato pancakes.

You will also need salt for optimal taste. When serving, don't forget the icing on the cake, which is a little parsley.

Potato pancake and its detailed preparation

Now let's focus on how such a potato soup should actually be made. The whole process starts with frying the onions, which you chop finely. When you fry it in the oil, add some plain flour to it, add about 1.5 litres of water, whisk everything thoroughly and bring to a boil. Only when this mixture is boiling can you start adding the vegetables. Be sure to wash and clean them thoroughly. Vegetables cut into smaller pieces will cook more quickly. Add the potatoes to the potato pancakes along with the vegetables. These are actually one of the most important ingredients. Add the mushrooms, which should be soaked in water beforehand.

Cook all this until the individual ingredients in the pot are soft. Only then start seasoning. Everyone has slightly different tastes, but the potato soup certainly deserves crushed garlic, marjoram and salt. Ideally, after cooking you will serve it immediately. Sprinkle a little parsley on top for the eye and don't forget the garnish. This can be a slice of soft bread or a piece of fresh bread. You will certainly enjoy the soup.