Slovak cuisine will conquer you

Slovak cuisine is a challenge for many eaters. You will definitely not find an American burger, but other dishes that will please your taste buds. Central European style of cooking influenced by other trends. Some other cuisines have also influenced the flourishing of Slovak cuisine. The result is, however, fabulous and you can enjoy many traditional dishes. Among them ...

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French toast in many ways

French toast belongs to the category of lighter dishes, such as fish fillets. It is also a simple dish similar to spaghetti bolognese. In any case, it is a relatively quick dinner that can take many different forms. Few people realise how many variations of French toast can actually be prepared. Every eater probably correctly guesses that the basis ...

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Europe's most popular must-try dishes

The most popular dishes in European countries are certainly a challenge for many gourmets and connoisseurs of fine gastronomy. In this article, we will focus on the top recipes, which unfortunately do not include spaghetti bolognese, even though you may be a fan. We will introduce you to the ten dishes that rule Europe. This is just a small taste of what you can indulge in and ...

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