Fruit dumplings are a popular sweet treat

A young cook prepares fruit dumplings in bulk.

Do you want to enjoy a sweet dish? Do you prefer Czech classics? Then fruit dumplings are on your radar. These can of course come in a variety of flavours depending on what you put in them. Usually used seasonal fruit. Thanks to this, you will encounter dumplings filled with strawberries, apricots, plums or blueberries.

What do you need for fruit dumplings?

If you want to prepare fruit dumplings, you need the appropriate ingredients. The table below lists the ingredients that will give you a delicious and tasty result. These are the ingredients for traditional and classic dumplings.

Raw materialQuantity
Milk200 ml
Semi-coarse flour400 g
Sugar meal3 to 4 tablespoons
Yeast3/4 cubes
Eggs1 piece
Ingredients necessary for the preparation of fruit dumplings.

A pinch of salt for seasoning should not be missing among the necessary ingredients. As for the filling of the fruit dumplings, we'll leave that to your taste. For example, we chose sweet strawberries.

Simple preparation from A to Z

As for preparation of fruit dumplingsdon't expect any complexities. Start by pouring the prepared flour into the bowl and placing the yeast in the centre. Be sure to sugar everything and pour in about half the milk from the ingredients described above. Stir this all together and in about a quarter of an hour you will have a ready sourdough starter. You can pour in the remaining milk, add a pinch of salt and, last but not least, the egg. If you work all these ingredients thoroughly together, you will have the dough you need.

The dough must then rise. Ideally, it will take at least one hour. Only then do you knead it and start preparing the individual dumplings. When you have rolled out the dough, the pot becomes your tool. Use it to cut out the dough for the fruit dumplings. This is where you wrap the strawberries or other prepared fruit. Then the dumplings put in boiling water. Cook the dumplings for 6 minutes on one side and then the same time on the other. Turn them only when they float. When you take them out of the water, pierce them with a fork. You can then serve them drizzled with melted butter and sugared. Some people will use cottage cheese crumble.