Pork dumpling is a well-known Czech classic

Meat that is going on the pork dumpling very.

When you say the ageless Czech classic among dishes, you may think of pub goulash. But if you are looking for a real treasure of Czech cuisine, it will be the very pork dumpling, which everyone will enjoy. If you don't know how to prepare this delicious dish, here's a short and simple how-to guide.

What to prepare for pork dumpling very?

When you're going to make this dish, you need the right ingredients, of course. In the table below we give you an inventory of them, both for preparation of meat, dumplings and cabbage itself. Count on being able to cook about four to six servings from these ingredients.

Raw materials for meatQuantity
Pork1 kg
Garlic1 teaspoon
Crushed cumin1 tablespoon
Ingredients for dumplingsQuantity
Semi-coarse flour250 g
Rolls4 pcs
Eggs2 pcs
Milk250 g
Raw materials for cabbageQuantity
Red cabbage650 g
Oil1 tablespoon
Red onion1 piece
What all you need for a very pork dumpling?

For all three parts of this dish you will need salt. You can also use cane sugar, vinegar and flour to thicken the cabbage.

Detailed food preparation

When you prepare pork dumpling verystart with the pork belly. Cut the meat into pieces, salt, rub with garlic and put on a baking tray to bake in the oven. The optimum baking time is about two hours at 180 °C. The meat should ideally have a crispy and golden crust.

During these two hours, you can start on the dumplings. Cut the rolls, add the flour, milk, egg yolks and salt. After mixing, you need to add the beaten snow. When you have formed the dumplings, put them in water to boil. The cooking time under the lid is around half an hour. Within the cabbage, fry the onion until soft, add the cabbage and leave for about ten minutes. When the cabbage is thickened and seasoned with the included ingredients, simmer again for ten minutes.

Once you have prepared all three parts of the pork dumpling dish, you can start serving. Make sure you take care of this step too, because the dish must look good at first glance and taste great afterwards.