The pub goulash will appeal to absolutely every gourmet

Pub goulash served on a plate with dumplings.

Do you want to enjoy a classic Czech meal? Then join us in preparing a pub goulash. We bring you recipe for delicious goulash made from beef. If you want to prepare a really perfect dish, bet on the kielbasa. The result will please everyone's taste buds.

Ingredients for pub goulash

Preparing a pub goulash is not particularly complicated, so it can be done without the slightest problem by any cook. First, however, prepare the right ingredients. You can find a list of them in the table presented below.

Raw materialQuantity
Beef500 g
Garlic4 cloves
The Onion500 g
Sweet ground paprika2 tablespoons
Lard3 tablespoons
Crushed cumin1 teaspoon
Tomato puree1 piece
Prepare the ingredients for the pub goulash.

In order to be able to say that your beef goulash was really good, do not forget to prepare salt, pepper, marjoram and water for basting. The icing on the cake is the finely chopped onion for garnish.

Preparation of beef goulash from A to Z

First, finely chop the onion and fry it in the lard. This process takes about 15 minutes until the onions are brown. Then add the onions add pieces of meat. Let them pull in from all sides before adding about 2 dl of water. Then add the remaining ingredients to the mixture. This is the crushed garlic and cumin.

This is followed by a period of 1.5 hours during which you must braise and prepare the meat. Stirring occasionally, make sure that the pub goulash does not burn and stick. When you reach the point where the meat is really tender, the marjoram comes into play. Then cook the stew for another 10 minutes.

If the stew seems thin and you prefer it thicker, use bread crumbs, nothing else, so as not to spoil its taste. In the end, you can serve classically with bread dumplings. Put them on a plate and pour the goulash with meat around them. Put chopped onions and a little something green on top, like parsley. If you have followed the above instructions, you will definitely enjoy the pub goulash in our presentation, no doubt about it.