Pork schnitzel - Detailed preparation from A to Z

Elegantly served pork schnitzel with a small side dish.

Are you not a fan of sauces such as sirloin in cream? Then prepare a completely different dish. If you want to bet on Czech classics in this respect, focus on pork schnitzel. This is based on the Viennese schnitzel, famous all over the world. Here's how to achieve a delicious pork schnitzel.

Ingredients for pork schnitzel

The very name of this dish reveals that you will need pork. If you have beef at home, save it for tartare. The best bet is to go for the pork leg. See the table below for a list of all the necessary ingredients.

Raw materialQuantity
Pork leg6 slices
Coarse flourFor wrapping
Eggs2 pcs
StrouhankaFor wrapping
Pork lardFor frying
What ingredients are needed for pork schnitzel?

To get the necessary taste, you should not neglect the salt. Choose the meat slices themselves roughly one centimeter thick. Logically, the ingredients described above yield six servings.

Easy preparation of pork schnitzel

The pork schnitzel needs to be well tenderized first. Some people even slice the sides of the cutlet. Others knock two steaks against each other, because this way you lose a minimum amount of juice. This is followed by evenly coating. Flour, egg, and finally breadcrumbs are a proven combination. Ensure that the cuttings are sufficiently and evenly coated. Then heat the pork fat in a frying pan and start frying. Choose a medium degree in terms of power so that the pork is done and you haven't burnt the breadcrumbs at the same time. The result will be a delicious pork schnitzel, on which you put a slice of lemon for flavouring and you can serve.

Finally, here are some more practical tips for preparing pork chops. For example, you can marinate the meat for a few hours before you start wrapping to improve the flavour. It is often worth coating the steak twice in flour and egg for a better and better quality packaging. Only then do you roll it in breadcrumbs. If the flour does not stick well to the meat, use a drop of oil. And if you don't happen to have lard for frying, you can apply clarified butter or oil.