Fried cheese - There is no easier and quicker dish

Cheese on a board, which very soon becomes fried cheese.

Quick and easy cooking attracts a lot of people for sure. Often there is no time for any gastronomic magic and you need to prepare something to eat. You won't take much time, for example potato chips. We will focus today on a slightly different fried dish. This one, by the way, is also a Czech staple. It is fried cheese.

Prepare the necessary ingredients

You'll probably agree with us that fried cheese is not rocket science. Nevertheless, it can be prepared unusually and with a quality that makes it different from the usual fast food variants. First, prepare all the necessary ingredients for the preparation of the meal.

Raw materialQuantity
Eidam cheese4 slices
Eggs2 pcs
Ham4 slices
Semi-coarse flourFor wrapping
StrouhankaFor wrapping
OilFor frying
Prepare the ingredients for the fried cheese.

From the table above, these ingredients should be enough for four servings. Ideally, go for cheese with at least 40 % of fat.

Fried cheese from A to Z

Because Eidam cheese you buy it ready-made, there is no need to prepare anything. If you buy it whole, make sure that each slice is at least one centimetre long. It is important to prepare the wrapping mix. Mix the breadcrumbs with a little semi-coarse flour. Next, prepare the breadcrumbs and flour for the coating. Just as you would when breadcrumbs pork schnitzel.

Before you start wrapping the cheese in the tri-wrap, use the ham. Cut the cheese in half and place a slice of ham inside to differentiate the dish from the usual standard. Only then wrap the cheese thoroughly and start frying. Use oil or clarified butter. The temperature should be around 150 °C to 160 °C. Fry the cheese on both sides until golden brown, making sure it doesn't run out. When you fry it, put it on a paper napkin for a whileto rid it of excess oil.

As you can see, you can prepare fried cheese really easily and quickly. You can prepare either fried fries or boiled potatoes with it. Very often it is also served with tartar sauce or mayonnaise, which adds to the taste of the resulting dish.