Karel Gott - This is the unsurpassable Divine Kaja

The microphone that Karel Gott used for his singing.

There are only a small number of singers in the Czech Republic who have done what Karel Gott did. This chart-topping singer has certainly made his mark on history of the Czech music scene. There is no doubt about it. This is proven by its popularity not only in the Czech Republic, but also abroad. There are dozens of awards, millions of albums sold and other clear evidence.

Life of Karel Gott

Karel Gott earned several original nicknames during his famous career. The most famous is undoubtedly the Divine Kája. However, there were two others. For example, the Golden Voice of Prague or Sinatra of the East. You can learn more about his life through the table below.

Birth14 July 1939
Deaths1 October 2019
OccupationActor, singer, composer and painter
Voice branchTenor
A little more about the life of Karel Gott.

The divine Kaja is proof that an ordinary electrician can become one of the most famous singers on the Czech scene. This is, of course, due to the gift in his throat, which was given to him from birth.

Golden and Czech Nightingale, that's Karel Gott

This phenomenal singer has earned many accolades in his lifetime, no doubt about it. In fact, he reigned in one of the polls for many years. It was Golden Nightingale, later Czech Nightingale. During his long years on stage, he has received a total of 42 Nightingale Awards. This is the first place in the Singer of the Year poll. That was on top of the TV awards and many others.

Karel Gott is simply a phenomenon

Karel Gott's achievements are certainly not worth arguing about. For example, 50 million records sold is a clear proof of that. After all, during his long career he was able to release 293 solo albums. Thanks to his popularity abroad, he even sang in foreign languages. This is for example English, Russian, German, Italian or Latin. Of course, he was at his best in the Czech version for domestic listeners.

Karel Gott is inseparably connected with with a series of movie songs. He has also starred in many films, by the way. He has published several books and the list of his greatest hits is endless. Who doesn't know Lady Carneval and some of his other hits?