You can flavour the potato pancakes according to your needs

A young man takes fried potato chips for lunch.

Are you a potato lover? Do you like to prepare all kinds of dishes from this ingredient? Then you definitely love to make potato soup. However, you can also enjoy another delicious dish made from potatoes. These are Czech potato pancakes that do not require too much effort and time. Such a quick lunch and a snack that will fill you up.

Get ready to fry potato pancakes

An imaginary stepping stone in the preparation of potato pancakes you're gonna be scrounging for all the ingredients. Without the necessary ingredients, you basically can not start. Everything you need for delicious potato pancakes can be found in the table presented below.

Raw materialQuantity
Potatoes1 kg
Smooth flour120 g
Garlic2 to 3 cloves
Milk10 ml
Eggs2 pcs
Oil150 ml
Everything you need for delicious potato pancakes.

Of course, you will need a few more important ingredients to flavour the potato pancakes. Typical examples are salt, ground black pepper and marjoram. The latter adds to the potato pancakes' delicious taste. From the above ingredients you will be able to prepare roughly four classic portions.

How to prepare Czech potato pancakes?

As everyone probably correctly guesses, everything will revolve and unfold from potatoes. You must first scrape and wash thoroughly. Then grate them. Choose a thicker scraper. The work will be easier, and the dough tastes better, although everyone can of course choose a variant according to their taste. Thoroughly drain all the water from the grated potatoes. Then incorporate the other ingredients into the potato mixture. Add the eggs, marjoram, flour, milk and salt. All this as required.

Next, you will be frying potato pancakes. In hot fat or oil, fry the spread potato dough so that it is evenly fried. Try to avoid burnt edges. For this reason, do not make the edges too thin when spreading the mixture on the pan. Fry the potato pancakes on both sides until golden brown.

You recommend preparing one potato chip and tasting it. Fried dough can taste a little different than raw, so it sometimes requires the addition of some ingredients. When the potato pancake is good, finish frying the remaining batter. Ideally, serve the potato pancakes still warm. Of course, you can add other ingredients for variety. A typical example is smoked.