American burger and its preparation from A to Z

A true American burger from A to Z.

The American burger is a classic that definitely does not belong in the Slovak cuisinebut people love it all over the world. If you're not on a diet and want to indulge in something less healthy, reach for a burger. It's a dish that will tickle the taste buds of children and adults alike.

  • Simplicity
  • Fiber
  • Balance

Creating a true American burger is not easy. It depends on many factors that you should not underestimate under any circumstances. This is the only way to achieve an interesting result in terms of appearance and taste.

What do you need for a burger?

If you're in the mood for an American burger, prepare everything you need. First and foremost are the ingredients found in the burger itself. The base is beef. It should be of good quality and therefore non-fatty, good and sufficiently juicy. You will need approximately 600 grams. And what else to prepare?

Cheese4 slices
Ketchup4 tablespoons
BBQ sauceIndividually
Mustard4 tablespoons
Tomatoes2 pcs
Iceberg lettuce4 pcs
The Onion1 piece
Preparing the American burger from A to Z.

Pepper and salt will come in handy for seasoning. Some people may also like worchestr sauce for seasoning meat. Also consider that you won't be baking the burger buns, but buying them ready-made. The above ingredients are equivalent to four burger buns.

American burger - Preparation procedure

To make a real burger, you will need a grillon which to roast your meat. Incorporate the seasoning ingredients into the meat if necessary, form meatball-sized balls and place on the grill grate. The meat should sear for about five to seven minutes on each side. You can brush it with the barbecue sauce while it is cooking.

The moment you have the meat ready, the final part comes in the form of the aesthetic creation of the burger. You open up your bun and you start greasing it and insert individual ingredients. Intersperse the layers between the meat and cheese with tomatoes, onions and iceberg lettuce. Usually you mash the top and bottom of the bun. You can then symbolically stick a skewer into the formed dish, like a real American burger.