The world's best-selling games you need to know

Youngsters enjoy the world's best-selling games.

The world's best-selling games are a topic that is sure to interest every gaming enthusiast. So let's go back in time and look at the game titles that dominate the world in terms of best-selling copies. At the top of the list is definitely the game Tetris. It has been around since the birth of computer games and has probably gained the most fans across platforms.

  • In existence since 1984
  • Over 520 million copies sold
  • It comes from Russia

Given the large number of different offshoots of this game, it is obvious that the number of copies sold will be even larger. But let's target other games as well.

Favourites in terms of marketability

For many computer game lovers, it will probably come as no surprise that Minecraft came in second place. Fun for almost everyone, with no limits in terms of creativity. Around the year 2021, it was nearly 240 million copies sold. And what are the next best-selling games?

GameCopies sold in millions
Grand Theft Auto V170
Wii Sports83
Mario Kart 8 and Deluxe57
Do you know what the best-selling games in the world are?

The aforementioned Mario has come to the forefront of many gamers' minds because it was made for essentially all game consoles. Of course. the manufacturer himself, Nintendo, reigns supreme. The name Mario appears several times in the world rankings, as a number of offshoots have been created. A typical example is Super Mario Bros.

The best-selling games in detail

Now we can move on to the other game titles associated with the best-selling game designation. With fifty million copies, it's definitely Overwatch. The famous theme has also become Pokemon game, where sales are also estimated to reach the 50 million mark. No wonder, because Pokémon have been with us for quite a long time, since 1996.

Red Dead Redemption 2 has sold tens of millions of titles and takes players to the world of the Wild West. It is the sophisticated storyline and excellent gameplay that are behind the success of this title.