Confirmed - Social networks can drive you crazy

Social networks open on mobile phone and laptop.

Social networking is a concept that many of us have literally grown tired of. Otherwise known as community networks have been with us since about 1997 and over time, they began to take shape in all sorts of ways. Be it the famous Facebook, Twitter and many others. These social networks are primarily used for communication between members, to present information and share multimedia content. Of course, other networks have also seen the light of day.

Social networkDate of creation
Periods in which well-known social networks were launched.

We will continue to list other social networks in the following lines, where we will focus on the problems they have been shown to cause, along with a brief introduction.

Social networks as a means of communication

The meaning of this phrase is all-encompassing. Since it refers to communication taking place between members of a given network, this kind of designation came out of the sociological segment. A social network is used to communicate in different ways. If you use Pinterest and Badoo, you have the possibility to use different means of communication.

  • Computer and laptop
  • Smart phone
  • Tablet

For example, the website can be viewed in any web and mobile browser. Thanks to the massiveness and limitlessness of social networks there is so much risk in using them.

Negative impact on human health

The main topic of this article will not be Instagram and Snapchat itself. We'll mention those peripherally, but rather focus on what the negative impacts of community networks on human health.

There are plenty of proven scientific studies confirming the harm of social networking in the context of human health.

John P., psychologist.

Learn about the pitfalls of social networks, which, by the way, can also include YouTube, Vkontakte and many others. It is always an individual matter, but the risks can be considerable.

Facebook social network open on mobile phone.
Facebook is one of the largest social networks in the world.

Facebook as the largest social network

As you explore social networking sites, you'll soon discover that the biggest of them all is A community network that started in 2004 and today boasts more than two billion active users. Facebook's reach in society is such that it can rightfully be described as a social superpower and a disease.

Language availability84 languages
Collection of personal dataConsiderable
Number of users in 2008100 million
Read more about Facebook.

As you can rightly guess, is experiencing a lot of growth, which brings with it more and more people suffering from all sorts of problems because of this social network.

The phenomenon of Facebook addiction

The title of this subtitle is quite revealing and refers not to the social network Reddit, but to the community network Facebook. This network, because of its scope, is not only about communication, but also about stalking, bullying and taunting others. You can find members like this here, just like in the Telegram network.

A big risk is measuring one's own worth against others, which contributes to poor mental health.

Noah S., doctor.

Self-esteem is a very thin ice that can break down quite easily, and comparing one's own life with the lives of others on Facebook is a major risk. Many university studies discuss this.

Social networks take up a lot of personal time

If you don't want Facebook to drive you crazy, you should limit your time on the social network. If you limit your time on, then you can free yourself from one of the great evils that is comparison of one's own life with those of others. Taking more time for yourself is good for your self-esteem, and that goes for Instagram too.

Facebook login page on a mobile phone.
Facebook is most often used on mobile phones.

Forget about likes on

Many studies confirm that social networking sites like Facebook and Snapchat can damage the psyche when used poorly. The mere fact of who you follow on a community network has an impact. Not every person makes a pleasant impression on usas evidenced by the photos on Instagram. Therefore, only follow those who fulfill you on Facebook. Get rid of toxic accounts and block them.

  • Put on your emotions
  • Stop following negative users
  • Don't admit your own imperfections

Social networks and their content

If you regularly use and Snapchat, it can be a sure road to ruin for you from a mental health perspective. A typical example is where you start presenting information about yourself that is not true. Facebook will make you takes its own identity and you're gonna feel bad. And believe me, it can be done, because, like Instagram, is big and powerful.

PhotosTens of billions of photos
VideosOption to add YouTube videos
GiftsVirtual gifts for money
MessengerAnother communication tool
What does Facebook allow you to do and what services does it offer?

Many Facebook users try to promote a self that is not really there. Snapchat makes this possible. Then there's just a small step to self-equilibrium.

Social networks demand perfection

The big problem with and others is that they want you to be perfect. Other users are forcing you to do so. More original photos, like on Pinterest, more valuable comments and more. This is simply the road to perdition.

By pretending and artificially portraying themselves, many people lose energy and their identity on social media.

William L., psychologist.

The perfection demanded by Facebook and the like is literally toxic, because in the long run it takes away from your self.

Twitter is primarily available for mobile phones.
Twitter is a social network that allows you to post short messages of any type.

Twitter - Even these social networks can cause depression

The social network Twitter has a slightly different concept than and its ilk. Just open and you'll see it for yourself. First, let's find out a little about this social network, which is essentially a micro-blog. On, you present tweets, gain followers and share your own opinions.

Date of foundation21 March 2006
Founder ofJack Dorsey
Text message length280 characters
Company HeadquartersSan Francisco
Everything you need to know about Twitter, including its origins.

Although Twitter is a little different from the community network described above, it can also lead to poorer mental health. You will see this in the following lines.

Twitter is more for adults

It's true that is certainly not as big a problem as Facebook. Surveys and studies but they include every social network in their negative results. And this one is no exception, as historical data from 2012 proves.

  • 81 % of adolescents use social networks
  • 70 % people aged 13 to 15 years
  • 89 % aged 16 to 19

Whether it's, TikTok or Instagram, teens and adults alike spend too much of their precious time on social media and can losing touch with reality. The virtual world can quickly become overwhelming, as evidenced by an overabundance of psychological problems. may not be at the top of the list, but it belongs there.

Beware of social networks like Twitter

Although so far it has only been mentioned that it is mainly adolescents who are experiencing problems, adults are also experiencing psychological difficulties. Twitter proves it. This is primarily aimed at older users.

Just for the record, Twitter is made up of 35 % users between the ages of 12 and 18.

Michael T., Analyst.

Presenting opinions on can sometimes escalate into bullying, ridicule and other related problems. So even Twitter is a bit of a bottleneck.

The Twitter app is one of the most popular social networks on mobile phones.
In the case of Twitter, you also have to beware of addiction and negative influences. can damage your memory

It is true that all social networks like, Pinterest and Badoo can have a negative impact on human health. No wonder. Social networks archive not only your memories through photographsbut also the text. If you focus all your attention on the perfection of your posts, you will simply go crazy.

  • Don't cling to perfection
  • Don't try to get the best shot in the photo
  • Don't fall into perfectionism

Even Twitter can literally engulf you in its environment and suddenly you won't have time for anything else. And it's not just a waste of precious time, but also a way to damage your health.

What can social networks like Twitter cause?

If you regularly visit the community network, you might you will learn a lot of valuable information. And not only from the lives of their friends, but also from all over the world. After all, while Twitter is simple to look at, it boasts a wealth of services.

Number of users in 2011200 million
Increase the number of characters from 140 to 280In 2017
Most viewed account@BarrackObama
Oldest account@jack (Jack Dorsey)
A few interesting facts related to the social network Twitter.

Scientific studies have shown that using any social network for a few hours can lead to memory impairment. And it doesn't matter whether it's, LinkedIn or

Don't forget about human communication

If you don't want to get stuck in a virtual bubble, and WhatsApp should definitely not be your only communication channels. When you transfer most of your communication with loved ones and people around you to Instagram and Facebook, you're asking for psychological problems.

In many cases, just spending more than two hours a day on social media can be enough to take a toll on your mental health.

James L., MD.

In this case we are also heading towards the same thing as in the chapters above. Spending too much time on social media leads to health problems and can end in a form of insanity.

Instagram ready app on your mobile phone.
The Instagram community network is used a lot, especially on mobile phones.

Instagram - The Great Depression Maker

The logic of the matter makes it clear that a photograph can often do more harm than the written word. Maybe that's why Instagram is associated with psychological complications of various types. Before we introduce you to this social network from the perspective of depression, we will briefly introduce it to you.

First edition6 October 2010
Operating systemsAndroid, iOS
Founders ofKevin Systrom and Mike Krieger
Read the basic information related to Instagram.

Instagram is a social networking site primarily used for photo sharing and commenting, and is in the same stable as the world's largest

A picture can hurt a lot

Not for nothing is it said that Instagram distorts reality as opposed to the LinkedIn community network. This is due to the fact that Instagram allows quite extensive image editing. This makes many girls and women appear more beautiful than they really are.

Instagram has been shown to cause quite widespread depression and anxiety about one's appearance, especially in the female generation.

Daniela A., psychologist.

With just a few clicks and filters, the real photo becomes the enhanced one. Other visitors to the social network Instagram often envy and feelings of inferiority. There are plenty of similar filtered photos on this community network.

Social networks distorting reality

Instagram and maybe even Snapchat are typical examples of how social media can distort reality. If you give in too much to this virtual world, you can fall into a sense of despair. Depression is one of the common syndromes of people addicted to Instagram. The community network Pinterest can cause similar conditions.

TikTok is one of the most dangerous social networks, especially for young users.
Even the TikTok community network can cause you unwanted health complications.

TikTok - Sleep-disrupting social networks

Depression and self-esteem problems are not the only common ills of social networks. Community networks like Badoo, Snapchat and TikTok can make your living habits much more complicated. A typical example is impaired sleep. And as everyone probably correctly guesses, without quality sleep there is no quality living.

  • Avoid social media addiction
  • Put your devices away well in advance of bedtime
  • Avoid too much blue light from your mobile phone

TikTok can worsen quality of life

Now you may be asking yourself, how can TikTok make your life worse? Quite easily, and it's the effect of not getting enough sleep. All you have to do is tap your phone on this or any other social network to watch just before bedtime. This will not only upset your body due to the blue light intake, but also your mind with the content of the TikTok community network. If you want to know more about it, here is a brief information.

Operating systemsAndroid and iOS
Video length3 minutes
Founding companyByteDance
Do you know when TikTok was created and what platforms it can be used on?

TikTok has hundreds of millions of users worldwide, so it's clear that its impact in terms of human health is significant.

A good night's sleep without a social network

If you don't want to get sucked into social networks like TikTok and Snapchat for good, avoid them at least the night before you go to bed. The moment you allow social networks disrupt your sleepyou will upset your whole biorhythm and again affect your health in a negative way. This also applies to Instagram or watching videos on YouTube.

Often, putting your mobile phone down 40 minutes before bedtime is enough to cut yourself off from social networks.

Adele R., healthy sleep expert.

Community networks combined with a mobile phone or tablet impair melanin secretion before bedtime. This makes you feel tired and makes it harder to sleep.

Snapchat on mobile can be classified as a popular social network.
The Snapchat app features an unmistakable logo and is associated with the colour yellow.

Snapchat can break your concentration

Other social networks causing health problems include Snapchat. First, we'll talk a little more about the community network and then we'll tell you what ailments it can hide from a health perspective. This app primarily serves to send multimedia content between friends. It's a different form of social network, Reddit.

Located at37 languages
Operating systemAndroid and iOS
Sharing over a period of time24 hours
Basic information related to Snapchat.

Snapchat is a network that allows messages to disappear after a certain amount of time. Again, millions of users around the world are involved. The Snapchat app, by the way, has become part of many surveys and scientific studies. And what are the results?

Social networks affecting concentration

Mention should be made primarily of training camp. It's not just Snapchat, but also other social networks that are full of all sorts of information.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

And it is the overload of information that is the source of the problems. People have an unquenchable need to devour everything that is written and shared on social media. It's not just images, but also textual information. The need to be online all the time leads to a failure of concentration. Social media users become distracted, distracted and unable to concentrate on one thing properly.

Snapchat is one of the more peaceful social networks

It should be noted that even though Snapchat leads to a failure of concentration like other community networks, is one of the most peaceful. Compared to other social networks, it brings more positive emotions, as some surveys have shown.

Snapchat is primarily made up of a community of younger users who can be referred to as teenagers.

Logan H., IT professional.

Due to the lower age limit of Snapchat users, it can be deduced that the young are carefree and do not get depressed like the older ones. However, their concentration is also impaired.

With LinkedIn, you can showcase your professional achievements and experience.

LinkedIn doesn't have a clean slate either

LinkedIn is a bit of a different social network, especially in terms of content. It is Primarily focused on Internet user profiles used for work purposes. You could say a social work network, which you definitely don't need such a Pinterest. And what more should you know about this community network?

Date of foundation28 December 2002
Founders ofHoffman and Guericke
OwnerSince 2016 Microsoft
Extensions200 countries in the world
Description of basic information about the job network called LinkedIn.

It is true that LinkedIn is also one of the big ones, just like or TikTok. In 2020, the network had over 690 million users.

What is the harm of LinkedIn?

But now let's get into the negative aspects of this social network. It certainly won't drive you crazy like TikTok and others. Thought of in terms of heavy reliance on contentcomparing experiences, photographs and so on. However, there are other ills on the LinkedIn work network.

  • Work competitiveness
  • Bullying in the labour market
  • Envy of other colleagues

There is perhaps no area where people do not envy each other and compete with each other. LinkedIn is no exception. If you then get into of a fierce labor struggle with colleagueswho has more friends, a better CV and so on, it can mess with your psyche. Just like Snapchat and TikTok.

Social networking by LinkedIn can be seen as motivation

On the other hand, LinkedIn can also be viewed positively. If you just you won't get depressed the fact that someone is more successful than you can become a good motivation. You can't say that about, say, the community network Pinterest and others.

LinkedIn also brings the positive. It becomes motivation, serves to improve work performance and can therefore have a positive impact on health.

Mark S., psychologist.

Social networks are a surefire guide to going successfully crazy. But in the case of LinkedIn's work network, you can see that this may not always and everywhere be true.

Pinterest is full of all sorts of images from all sorts of industries.

Pinterest is a definite exception

The previously described job network LinkedIn has somewhat mitigated the criticism of social networks and their negative effects on human health. We will stay in a similar vein for a while, because Pinterest is something of an exception.

  • Allows the creation of thematic galleries
  • Creates collections of images and photos
  • Brings practical bookmarking

Pinterest, it's a bit different than Instagram. And you could say that not that many people are as addicted to this social networkas on the rival image server Instagram.

Pinterest - Social networks that don't hurt

The very concept of this community network does not carry the same risks as and others. There is no doubt about that. Before we go into some of the details of this social network, some important facts should be mentioned.

StartingIn 2009
Accounts for companiesYes
What should you know about Pinterest?

Over time, the social network Pinterest has developed into a large database of images that is currently used by a large number of users and commercial entities.

Comment and Like can be the cause of something bad

And now back to the main topic of this article - Social networks can drive you crazy. Even Pinterest has a downside, which is comments and Like button. As with TikTok or anywhere else, such information can be detrimental. It can upset you, spoil your mood or negatively affect your psychological state.

Pinterest isn't one of the social networks that could significantly harm you from a health perspective, but we're all different.

Emily F., psychologist.

If you're a Pinterest user, don't fall under its spell too much, lest it interfere with your concentration and therefore your health.

YouTube can get you quite addicted to social media with its videos.

YouTube - Social networks full of envy

When you focus on reading the harm caused by social media, YouTube is undoubtedly in the top three. It is not for nothing that this social network is referred to as the place to go to for envy. In this respect, perhaps only Instagram is more successful. But first, let's talk a little more about the video portal or community network YouTube.

Language versions77
Paid versionSince 2015
Basic information presented in the context of YouTube.

YouTube is the world's largest video sharing site. A place full of other people's experiences, reminiscent of Instagram or TikTok.

Envy at every turn

The social network YouTube can teach you a lot, teach you a lot of things, and at the same time it can hurt you. Weaker individuals publishing content on this network may not be able to bear the feedback. Whether in comments, like on TikTok, or in other videos criticizing yours.

YouTube is a place where tons of users are envious of their stuff, money, vacations and more. This does not have a good effect on a person's psyche.

Madison R., Interpersonal Relations Specialist.

Today's world is unforgiving of success, and that includes social media. A typical example is YouTube and Instagram, where it is possible to receive unpleasant criticism for published content.

Social networks bringing depression

According to surveys, YouTube falls into this group of community networks. On the other hand, users themselves contribute to it. If you can't appreciate others and wish happiness to others, don't visit YouTube. It too can become an unpleasant addiction that can make you robs a lot of time...will ensure bottomless nights and contribute to depression.

Badoo is a dating network, but it can also harm your health.

Badoo causes media multitasking

Social networks can harm us on many fronts, there is no doubt about that and various studies prove it. One of them focused on media multitasking. This concept applies not only to the community network Badoo, but also to others. For example,, Vkontakte and Telegram. And what to imagine under this label? It is about browsing your phone during any activity.

  • Cinema and movie watching
  • Lecture at school
  • Working meeting

In doing so, of course. you lose track and are interested in completely different things than what he has. In this case, the social network Badoo is the culprit.

Social networks tested on volunteers

Why Badoo, WhatsApp and other social networks, you may ask? It's simple. It was all found through a study that took dozens of volunteers and tested them.

Number of volunteers150
Age range18 to 26 years old
TestsECG measurement and eye movement
ResultMedia Multitasking
Some background information related to one of the many studies.

It is social networks, that many of us are easily distracted. Maintaining attention is then very difficult. And it doesn't matter if you use Badoo or just visit It's a distraction that negatively affects school, personal and work matters.

Social networks and memory tests

The researchers arrived at the above results through memory tests. Individual respondents were then burned on many fronts, just by following TikTok, Badoo and other community networks.

Many social media users pick up their phones without any reason to do so. It's a routine, a habit and therefore a loss of long-term focus.

Christopher J., scientist.

Badoo is of course no exception to this list. After all, there is no need to do studies because of media multitasking. Just look around and you can immediately see how people with their heads in their phones are browsing social networks like LinkedIn, TikTok and others. Addiction to social networks is simply the bane of humanity, and this community site aimed at introductions between users is no exception. is a somewhat different and unconventional social network that is one of the more peaceful ones.

What causes social networks like

Of course, community networks take different forms. It doesn't have to be Snapchat alone that's behind ill health. Social network may also be a contributor to the addiction. It should be noted that it is of a slightly different type than all the others. It is definitely not the same as the Vkontakte community network and its ilk.

StartingIn 2010
OriginLatvian social network
Founder ofIlya Terebin
Number of usersOver 21 million
Do you know who founded We'll tell you with a lot more information.

To give you a better idea, allows registered users to ask questions. This is a big advantage over other social networks such as Instagram.

Don't trade real life for virtual life.

While at first glance it may seem that poses no greater risk to human health than social networks like TikTok, the opposite may be true. The risk is social media addiction, which costs time and distracts one from reality. This needs to be fought against.

  • Set boundaries of use
  • Treat yourself to online hygiene
  • Use the right tools for this

If you don't want to keep looking at your phone and use the community network, then you can choose various applications that will continuously monitor your network usage. This is also true for other social networks like Vkontakte. Visits to can also be prevented to some extent. In any case, even with, there is a risk that you can fall disproportionately into the virtual world, which usually has a negative impact on real life.

Don't be afraid of the social network

The truth is that the community network is less of a risk in terms of addiction and impact on human health than other networks. This is true if we compare it with, for example, TikTok.

The influence of the social network is certainly evident from the fact that it is one of the top 1,000 most visited websites on the Internet.

Mark E., IT Consultant.

If you're already annoyed by social networks of this type, including the well-known, start by turning off notifications.

The social network Vkontakte may be another one that creates an unwanted addiction in you.

Social networks Vkontakte and others - The important role of dopamine

There are more than enough community networks, no doubt about it. In addition to Reddit, there is the aforementioned social network Vkontakte. And it is on such networks that arise addiction in conjunction with dopamine. If you don't know what dopamine is, we'll tell you.

  • Happiness hormone
  • A reward for the brain
  • Brings a sense of relief

So if you take a liking to the social network Vkontakte and teach your brain that it will be rewarded by endless scrolling through messages and posts, it's wrong. Then you scrolling in TikTok or Instagram you simply can't avoid. Don't associate the release of the happiness hormone with social networks.

Vkontakte and more about this network

Of course, creating a habit is not only related to the social network Vkontakte. Reading WhatsApp messages may become your reward, while another may find it satisfying to look at pictures on Pinterest. Neither is good in the long run, moreover, when dopamine plays a major role in the whole process.

When you don't get enough dopamine, you start to have feelings of anxiety, tension and depression.

Hannah O., doctor.

For getting the necessary dopamine unfortunately, you can develop a habit to Telegram or Facebook quite easily and quickly. That's exactly the wrong model. You have to connect the feelings of relief to something other than social networks.

Social networks must not be a feeling of lust

The release of dopamine can take place during outdoor walks, sports and other activities. Long-term addiction to social media TikTok type, however, will only bring problems. The addiction that gives rise to all the other ills presented above. At the end of this chapter, we will tell you a little more about the social network Vkontakte.

OriginRussian social network
The emergence of2006
Founder ofPavel Durov
Number of usersOver 420 million
Everything you need to know about Vkontakte.

This social network is popular not only in Russia, but also in Moldova, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

The social networking site Reddit can also negatively affect your health and psyche.

Reddit - Social Networks and FOMO

Next up, we'll be mentioning the social networking site Reddit, along with introducing a new health problem related to community networks. So first, let's start with a brief introduction to Reddit, which is based on a very simple principle. It submits content to the user, who then rates it.

Important personSteve Huffman
Language availability65 languages
HeadquartersSan Francisco
Brief information related to the Reddit community network.

The social network Reddit boasts more than five hundred million users from over two hundred countries.

FOMO and subsequent depression

Whether it's Reddit and Snapchat or any other social network, a small addiction to community networks can become a big one. It then becomes FOMO or the feeling of an endless feed. A concept that has caught on very quickly in the current world of social networks like TikTok and LinkedIn.

FOMO is short for Fear of missing out, which is quite telling.

Andrew I., psychologist.

The fear of missing out on anything relevant or irrelevant on YouTube and other social networks is essentially a diagnosis. It is a real addiction that can make life very difficult.

Endless social network scrolling

It doesn't matter if you fall for Reddit or Pinterest. What matters is an undesirable consequence in the administration of FOMO. Many studies conducted on such addicts have revealed that more than 75 % of them had literally panic anxiety without the ability to look at Reddit or This is understandably triggered by their addiction to community networks.

Telegram is a social network designed primarily for communication between individual users.

Social networks endangering young children - Telegram and others

It is clear that social networks such as Telegram and TikTok are not only a threat to minors, but also to young children who use them to communicate and share content. The negative impact on little ones is often described as Stolen Online Happiness. Telegram and Instagram are clear evidence of this, as another of the many studies conducted shows.

Number of study participants4 000 children
Age range10 to 14 years
Decreased sense of satisfactionO 14 %
Increase in time on networksDouble in 10 years
Do you know how social networking can negatively affect young children?

The increase in children's use of social networks often surpasses even the time they used to spend watching TV. YouTube and other networks are therefore a serious threat.

Telegram can easily steal happiness

Many university studies have revealed that children on the social networking sites Telegram or TikTok spends three and a half hours more than watching TV. This is literally stolen youth time that could be targeted for many other activities.

  • Self-development
  • Children's games
  • Sports activities

There is evidence that just one hour on Telegram or any other social network can deprive a young child of happiness to the extent of about 14 %. These bad effects on children's psyche are multiplied in incomplete families.

What do social networks lead to in children?

Whether it's Telegram and Snapchat, stolen online happiness understandably has its downside. At the same time, the studies show that it makes absolutely no difference whether it's young boys or girls.

Young children who are addicted to social media tend to become depressed and have increased rates of self-harm.

Albert J., psychologist.

Extreme cases of addiction to Snapchat and other social networks have also led to suicide attempts. In short, social networks such as TikTok have a significant impact on the psyche of children and should not be underestimated. Depression, anxiety and psychological problems creeps up subtly and the parent often doesn't even notice. Twitter and other social networks should therefore be banned or controlled for young children.

With WhatsApp, you can hurt not only yourself, but also others.

WhatsApp as a cyberbullying tool

The topic of community networking and madness is much larger than it first appears. Another negative impact of the WhatsApp network is Cyberbullying. This is a relatively recent phenomenon also related to the social network Snapchat. Cyberbullying often takes the form of cyber attacks and can take different forms.

  • Sending private messages
  • Threatening photographs
  • Identity theft

Cyberbullying and social networks

As the name cyberbullying suggests, it is the bullying of individuals in the virtual world, for example on the social network Instagram. The abuse of community networks is considerable and long-standing. Aggressive behaviour and threats are presented both privately and publicly. For example, in WhatsApp groups. By the way, we will tell you more about this community network.

Platform typeMultimedia platform
Founders ofActon and Koum
Number of users in 2016Over a billion
Read the basic and important information about the WhatsApp community network.

In the case of cyberbullying on WhatsApp or LinkedIn, it should be mentioned that this is a repeated behaviour that the victim cannot defend against. Often it is children and adolescents. However, cyberbullying does not avoid adults either.

Social network profile theft

Whether it's WhatsApp or Snapchat, the big problem usually arises when your profile is stolen. The perpetrators can then pose as youboth in front of friends and other people. For example, they will embarrass you by posting negative comments on on your behalf.

In addition to stealing social media profiles, it also leads to setting up fake profiles posing as someone else.

James P., IT professional.

The social network Snapchat is as exploitable in this respect as WhatsApp. Cyberbullying and cyber attacks are thus another negative arising from social networks. The misuse of video content, such as the social network TikTok and Instagram, is primarily unpleasant.

A young girl is greatly influenced by social networks.

Social networks and various studies

In the list of negative effects social networks on human health we could go on, of course. There are other studies from all over the world coming up with interesting results. This applies, for example, to the community network Instagram, but also to others. These surveys have been going on basically since the inception of social networks, so for a long time. The results are applicable to Snapchat and others.

Increase in suicides 2009 to 2017O 25 %
Mental health deterioration in the USIncrease of 37 %
Survey of 6 000 network users50 % knows about cyberbullying
Extreme cases of network useUp to 9 hours a day
Negative information related to the impact of social networks on human health.

Twitter and other community networks are associated with a number of negative results from surveys across countries. Worst of all, these negative readings continue to increase as TikTok and other networks continue to proliferate.

What did the social media surveys reveal?

According to a Canadian study, if you spend more than two hours of your free time on, it affects your mental health. Understandably, negatively. Surveys often mention the notion of emotional scars, which can be caused by, for example, Instagram.

  • Face News
  • Insults
  • Filthy words

Many using social networking sites, including LinkedIn have then serious psychological difficultiesthat need to be addressed with experts.

The negative side of YouTube and other networks

Long-term surveys have also shown that suicide attempts have increased, especially among teenagers using Facebook. This may be due to factors such as cyber attacks or cyber bullying on Pinterest and other more peaceful networks.

The risk of suicide has increased especially among young girls who have been on social networks since the age of 13 and spend more than two hours a day on them.

Jacob R., psychologist.

These surveys are generally related to all social networks like Snapchat, Instagram and even the notorious TikTok, where mocking videos can be made.

It is mainly Facebook, which is becoming very addictive for most people.

Social networks are addictive

If you use Twitter and any other community networks, think about how many times you connect to them each day. Many studies point to social media addiction. Without some of us realizing it, is can become your daily drug of choice. And why do people visit social networks so often?

  • Banishing boredom
  • Distraction during the day
  • Getting likes and comments

Instagram can be addictive

US studies show that people access Facebook or TikTok at least once a day. However, this is a good model. At the same time, surveys say that up to 40 % users use community networks multiple times a day and that's where the addiction comes in, whether it's TikTok, Pinterest or other networks. That's when the negatives of social networks start to manifest themselves, which we've ranked in a table from the less serious to the worst.

Minor severityNervousness
Medium severityReduction of the feeling of happiness
Medium severityPoor socialisation
Great severityDrugs and alcohol
Social networking issues ranked from the least serious to the most serious.

Yes, social networking sites like YouTube can indeed be a gateway to addictions, even those other than just multitasking.

Social networks and drugs

Unfortunately, there are studies that point to community networks like YouTube and Snapchat as leading to all kinds of addictions. Typical examples are drugs and alcohol. These products are often celebrated on YouTube videos and can therefore become an inspiration for young people.

Young people aged 15 to 17 who spend a lot of time on social media are up to 70 % more likely to become interested in drugs and alcohol.

William S., MD.

LinkedIn is definitely a more peaceful social network where you don't see much of this topic. The opposite of this might be the aforementioned YouTube, where there are videos of alcohol.

A young girl using a laptop to access social networks of any type.

A few advantages of social networks to conclude

Although the entire article on Pinterest, Snapchat and other community networks was purely critical, we will conclude with a few the benefits of social networks. You can only benefit from them if you do not become dependent on the networks and use them rather sporadically. One such benefit is advertising and promotion.

Social networkMethod of promotion
LinkedInJob CVs
FacebookWritten advertising
List of social networks and their main uses on the Internet.

Thanks to social media, you can reach new customers and business partners and increase sales and profits.

Awareness and content

Another plus can be regularly updated contentwhether it's Pinterest or LinkedIn and the rest. We will have access to important information from all over the world, as evidenced by and

  • Current news
  • Solutions and procedures for different situations
  • Expert information

Of course, on social networks you will not only find the text information you are looking for, but also multimedia information. YouTube will provide you with a wealth of content.

Connecting with others

Last but not least, social networks will benefit you in terms of communication with friends, family and work colleagues. You can also use the social network Snapchat and others. You can share your ideas, thoughts and communicate over long distances.

If social networks are to be beneficial, use them when absolutely necessary and for the purpose. This good servant can become an evil master.

Anna P., psychologist.

Everyone has to find the right level of usability of social networks. After all, regular communication on TikTok, Snapchat or Facebook can turn into integration into a community, viewing unnecessary content and lo and behold, you're where you don't want to be. Then you may run into some of the problems described above, and you'll be on your way to being driven mad by social networks.