Commandos - Game series of a bygone era

A young man enjoys playing the popular game Commandos.

Commandos is the name of a computer game that will most likely be familiar to older action game lovers. It's not anything as large-scale as, for example Minecraft. Still, this game title has found a large fan base, thanks to several key factors.

  • World War II environment
  • Realtime tactics
  • Excellent gameplay

The computer game was released in three editions, each of which celebrated a significant success especially in the field of tactical action games. If you don't know this older game, maybe the following lines will convince you that you should give it a try.

Basic information about Commandos

At the beginning of everything, there should be a mention that the main developer is Pyro Studios. This came with the release of the first series, referred to as Behind Enemy Lines, in 1998. The publisher is Eidos Interactive. The last installment of this computer game was released in 2006. It should be noted that the game piece is multiplatform. This means that you can play the game not only on Microsoft Windows operating system, but also on OS X, PlayStation 2 and Xbox.

Frequently asked questions and answers

Completing military missions is accompanied by a very engaging and entertaining story. In addition, you solve tasks through your military team, which includes several characteristically different persons. Find out more with the questions and answers below.

What heroes does the action game Commandos have?

He's a green beret, a marine, a sniper, a sappers, a driver, Natasha, a scorpion, a thief and his dog.

What was the name of the update to the first game?

The title is Commandos: Beyond The Call of Duty.

What character was added in the third episode?

There are only six people left from the first episodes and one person has been added. This is the diver, with whom the Green Beret, the thief, the spy, the sniper and the engineer also serve.

What is the title of the latest installment in the game series?

This episode is quite aptly named Commandos: Strike Force.

What about the future of this game?

Although the game was quite successful in its time, no sequel is expected.