Mafia - Czech legend of the world format

A gaming environment in which a young man enjoys playing Mafia.

Mafia is as well known among computer game lovers as, say, Call of Duty. The only difference is that this legendary game has a Czech development team behind it. A game that has won a lot of fans, especially with its unmistakable storyline, original dubbing and last but not least mafia theme.

  • Developer Illusion Softworks
  • Publisher Gathering of Developers
  • Director and designer Daniel Vávra

A game title of this type is built on LS3D engine. It saw the light of day in 2002 and from the point of view of the genre it is a TPS. Singleplayer game is available for several game platforms. In addition to Microsoft Windows, it is also PlayStation 2 and Xbox.

Enjoy a ride in mafia cars

The computer game Mafia takes place, of course, in a variety of locations and environments. There are churches, hotels, banks, galleries and many more. To top it all off, you'll enjoy endless gunfights and breathtaking rides in classic vehicles as a mafioso. There are 51 of them in total.

Vehicle in the gameRetrieved from
Bolt AmbulanceFord Model A
Brubaker 4WDMiller V16
Crusader ChromiumPontiac Silver Streak
Trautenberg Model JDuesenberg model J
Popular cars that appeared in the famous game.

If driving these old and period specials is a great attraction for you, we have some pleasant news for you. If you complete the story missions, in addition to 51 basic cars 19 more bonus ones.

Mafia in the Great Depression

This game title primarily has a very interesting story. It is set in the 1930s. Specifically, the United States of America during the prohibition era. It all takes place in a fictional town called Lost Heaven. Throughout the game you will of course meet a number of interesting and important characters. Many of them are based on real bosses of the time.

You will enjoy twenty missions with attractive plots and an elaborate storyline. All of this, in addition to the graphics, is enhanced by well-chosen music, which adds to the attractiveness of the game experience. In short, Mafia is a legend that is not easily forgotten.