Minecraft is a world unto itself

This is what the world of Minecraft looks like.

Minecraft is another world-famous computer game that has gained even more popularity than, for example, such Travianu. Maybe it's because it's an open world without borders, where you get maximum freedom to play. There are different game modes available.

  • A game of survival
  • Creative game
  • Adventure game
  • A ruthless game
  • Observation game

This computer game is associated with, among other things, the four different levels of difficulty. So you can play in peaceful mode, but also in the hard mode, where you will certainly not miss the fights with enemies and zombies.

Minecraft and its history

If you want to get to know this game title to the smallest detail, we bring you some basic information. For example, who is the developer of this game, when Minecraft appeared on the gaming scene and much more. You can read the details in the table below.

DeveloperMojang Studios
Programming languageJava
AuthorMarkus Persson
The emergence of2009
Do you know who all is behind this famous game?

About four years into the development of this game, it was just Mojang Studioswhich bought it from Persson for $2.3 billion. Since then, this company has been in charge of its direction.

Get to know this game title in detail

The computer game Minecraft has made its way onto pretty much every platform in its lifetime. This means that the game can be enjoyed not only by computer owners, but also by console and mobile phone owners. As for the story itself, it can take place in different dimensions. From the World, to the Nether, to the End. Not only different types of game world generations await you, but also mobs, whether they are passive, neutral or aggressive.

Minecraft is actually such a lego in digital formwhich is very easy to fall for. The success of this game, by the way, can be seen in the statistics from 2021, when it sold just under 240 million copies. In terms of the game's player base, there are more than 140 million players. It is not for nothing that the game title is referred to as the best game of all time.