Worms - Turn into a worm and fight

A young man enjoys playing the computer game Worms.

Worms is a computer game that is out of the normal game mode, such as Zelda series. The turn-based game aims at animation, relaxation and fun. The game title for relaxation became popular in its time and won fans around the world. This was mainly due to the excellent gameplay.

  • Artillery game
  • Developer is Team17
  • Several parts were created

The worms are attacking, so somehow can be characterized this strategy game. At the beginning of everything, both teams have the same number of worms, which each other try to eliminate with the help of a variety of weapons. And there are more than enough of them available.

From the 2D interface to the 3D world

The computer game Worms has, of course, undergone considerable development, of that there is no doubt. The very first generation appeared in 1994which was followed by several sequels in 1995, 1996 and 1997. The successful series has been followed by subsequent generations. Over time, the beautiful 2D environment evolved into a sophisticated 3D world.

Second generation1997 to 2001
Third generation2006 to 2020
Fourth Generation 3D2003 to 2011
When did each generation of Worms see the light of day?

It's true that over time, parts for platforms other than just desktop computers have emerged. This was specifically a 2D title aimed at handheld gaming devices like the Nintendo DS and PSP.

Worms has won many awards

In addition to the core game lines, there are also spin-off titles on the market. These were based on this worm theme, whether it was pinball or clones using other animals instead of worms. There were certainly no limits in this respect. One of the last 3D titles came out in 2020 and was called Worms Rumble.

It should be noted that the success of this game is measured not only by the number of players, but also by the number of various awards. Worth mentioning are the awards for the most original game, best game, best strategy game and strategy game of the year. We shouldn't forget the multiplayer game of the year award either.