The Zelda series is literally an immortal game

The Zelda series playing on a handheld game console.

The Zelda franchise is a legendary game that is catching up in popularity with strategy Age of Empires. This action adventure game has literally conquered the gaming world. Over the years, several game series have been released, with which we will now introduce you in more detail. Action, adventure and RPG elements, this is Zelda at its best.

  • Designers Miyamoto and Tezuka
  • Developer Nintendo EAD
  • First published in 1986

It is true that a long time has passed since the first episode. The Legend of Zeldathat's how the Zelda series started. This game title was followed by many others with maximum gameplay and unsuspected player possibilities.

Continued by Ocarina of Time

The Zelda series has certainly not slackened in its development. 3D processing, new puzzles and gameplay combinations and interesting music. The 1998 version of Ocarina of Time for Nintendo 64 brought significant improvements and raised the game to a higher level compared to the first part. There were, of course, many sequels, but this one was a great success. Its predecessor, for example, was Link's Awakening Zelda in 1993.

Zelda series in questions and answers

Zelda has earned the attention of gamers over the years not only thanks to the aforementioned gameplay. It has also risen to the forefront of the gaming world through its unmistakable and easy-to-remember story. Over time, of course, there have also been graphics enhancement. Other important information can be found via the questions and answers below.

What year was Breath of the Wild released?

This installment of the Zelda series was released in 2017. Its special feature was the photorealistic graphics.

What was one of the most popular episodes in 2002?

It's an episode of The Wind Waker. Apart from the gameplay, it has an exceptional soundtrack.

What series were launched after 2011?

These include A Link Between Worlds, Tri Force Heroes, Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Has Zelda appeared in other places than the computer world?

Yes, there were, for example, multi-part series, but print periodicals, films and many other products were no exception.

What platforms was Zelda primarily made for?

Nintendo, Game Boy, Wii, Nintendo Switch and their ilk.