Viber as an alternative to WhatsApp

Using Viber on your mobile phone.

Viber is one of many mobile communication apps that rivals such giants as WhatsApp and Messenger. Software used for communication between individuals, but also whole groups. A safe way to chat and make calls. See what this application has to offer.

  • Disappearing messages
  • Gifs
  • Information channel

Instant messaging is nowadays the absolute standard. This mobile app is no slouch in that regard, adding video and digitized voice transmission as well. In short, everything users ask for.

The mobile app is not the only

The popularity of the Viber mobile app didn't take long to catch on. Very soon after the launch of the first version in 2010, the building of a loyal user base began. According to statistics, there are more than 1.1 billion of them. So there is no doubt that the app is used all over the world. The possibility of installing the app on desktops and laptops has also contributed to its widespread use in recent years. So you can be on the go from anywhere and everywhere. All you need is an internet connection.

Viber and its options

You may also come across this app under the name Rakuten Viber. The name was coined in 2017 when the service was acquired by a Luxembourg-based company. The app itself was originally developed in Cyprus by Viber Media Ltd. Learn more interesting facts about this communication program through the Q&A below.

Is there a paid version of the app?

Yes, it is labeled Viber Out and allows international calls to landlines and mobile phones.

How many actions per day are performed globally within the app?

It's over 70 million actions. On average, users launch the app about 16 times a day.

What about encryption?

Encryption is used on both sides, whether in private conversations or group chats.

How many members can a group chat have?

Group chats are available for up to 250 users at a time.

What do the communication channels in the app offer?

These are sources of information of any genre. From cooking, to entertainment, to sports and more.