Messenger is a practical offshoot of Facebook

Messenger app on a Samsung mobile phone.

Messenger is the name of the communication platform. It has nothing to do with a communicator Snapchatbut with Facebook. It is an associated application of this social network, which is primarily used for sending and receiving messages. These can, of course, take different forms.

  • Text messages
  • Photo
  • Videos

The full name Facebook Messenger is one of the most widely used applications for communication between users today. It is used by millions of people around the world.

Messenger in detail

As the name suggests, the American company Facebook is behind the development of the app. Its current name is Meta Platforms. Originally a mobile app designed for Android and iOS, the app has now also become usable on computers. You can find it in the Apple Store and Windows Store.

First edition9 April 2011
For desktop computersFrom 2020
Users in 2015600 million
Users in 20171.2 billion
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From the above statistics, you can get a pretty clear idea of how many people are using Messenger communication app. This is also proven by the number of downloads from Google Play. This number exceeds five billion.

What does the app offer?

At the heart of the app is a clear and graphically simple environment where you can view your communication with all your friends and family members. In addition to unlimited messaging, you can also create multimedia content. Thanks to a lot of emoticons you will add seriousness to your messages and feelings. In addition to classic text messages, you can make video calls. Group chats and voice calls are no exception. And even in multiple people.

The emphasis is on complete synchronisation between devices and platforms where you are registered under the same account. You can connect with friends via Messenger based on their name or nickname. Communication security is a given. End-to-end encryption is used. Gaming is no exception. In short, a tool for fun and work.